What makes our AUSSIE MADE kennels right for you?

Heavy Gauge Colourbond Steel Roof

Your roof won’t rust and the colours won’t fade.

Real Insulation Used in Roof (40mm) and floor (25mm)

This means the inside of the kennel is cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Solid Timber Framed Walls

Your new kennel will last for years and years.

Premium Paints and Stains

Premium sealants used for longevity and great looks.

Your Pets Comfort is Our Business

Ironbark Pet Homes is located in Lucknow close to Orange in the Central West of NSW. This area of the country is known for its dramatic variance in temperature, with freezing cold winters and hot summers, drenching rainy times and dusty dry times. These extreme weather conditions have led Graham and the team to develop products that are not only solid, dependable and good looking, but also built for all weather extremes.

Our dog kennels, pet shelters and feed tables are chock full of innovative design features to keep your pet warm (and cool in summer), dry, and well fed. Here is a list of just some of the features your pet will love.

  • Heavy Gauge colorbond steel roof: Your roof wont rust and the colour won’t fade
  • Real insulation used in roof(40mm) and floor (25mm). The inside of the kennel is cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Solid Timber framed walls. The kennel will last for years and years
  • Premium paints and stains used to seal and paint the interior and exterior
  • Removable carpet floor for that extra bit of comfort and helps with clean-up
  • Heavy duty clear plastic doggy door to keep it more comfortable inside
  • For fast clean-up the roof tilts to the side or rear. (Depends on which model)
  • Kennels are mounted on timber runners to keep them up off the ground

Our products cost a little more than cheap imports, but for just a little more money you get a whole lot more. Our products are made from heavy gauge high quality materials and feature design innovations to match Aussie conditions. How do we build such high quality at such a reasonable price you may be asking? Well at Ironbark pet homes we not only innovate on our product designs we are also constantly innovating on the production line . We create great efficiency in the production line, saving labour time and saving you money.

We’ve been creating dog kennels and pet shelters of all kinds for many years. Initially we sold our products through markets and to a select group of retailers. Due to popular demand we now offer our products for sale online and through our shopfront.  We can ship them across most of Australia.


Dog Kennels

Our dog Kennels are designed and built to keep your pet as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. Our kennels are built with sturdy timber frame constructions, thick real insulation, and thick gauge colorbond roofs.

Feed Table

Vets are now saying for optimal health its best if your dog’s food bowl is raise off the ground. This enhances digestion greatly, which is particularly important for older dogs. We have a great range of feed tables ready to ship across the country.

  • Comparison
  • Roof Material
  • Insulation
  • Frame Material
  • Coatings
  • Interior Floor Covering
  • Entry Point
  • Cleaning Access
  • Ground Contact Point
  • Construction time
  • Ironbark Pet Homes Kennel
  • Heavy gauge Colorbond Steel roof
  • Roof 40mm, Floor 25mm
  • Solid timber framed walls
  • Premium paints and stains
  • Removable carpet floor
  • Heavy duty clear plastic doggy door
  • Tilting roof for easy access
  • Mounted on timber runners
  • Fully assembled
  • Typical Imported Kennel
  • Painted ply roof
  • Nil
  • Thin pine frame
  • Cheap paint
  • Bare floor
  • Open
  • Roof screwed on
  • Floor in contact with ground
  • Flat pack kit. Assembly time unknown

A great range of pet feed bowls. Perfect for older pets to help with digestion. View the full range of products by clicking the button.

What our customers are saying

Its great to finally have  atop quality solid kennel, after wasting money on a flimsy imported kennel its chalk and cheese.

BobAwesome Kennels

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